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Captain-Only Yacht Charters

Captain-only yacht charters include a captain and sometimes a first mate (not as chef). The captain sails the yacht, and you take care of everything else, including cooking (for the crew, too) and housekeeping.

With a captain-only yacht charter you assist the captain in sailing and can pick up a few sailing techniques along the way. You cook for everyone and clean the galley as well as make your bed and clean the head.

You are responsible for covering the cost of all provisions, including food, beverages, and ice consumed on-board (including the captain); running expenses including fuel for the yacht, generator and tender; mooring fees and requested dockage; taxes including cruising taxes, National Park fees, and custom clearance fees.

This is a great way to enhance your boat handling skills and save a little money.

You and your group are the crew on a captain-only yacht charter. The captain’s role is primarily as guide, advisor, and helmsman. The overall responsibility of the yacht remains with the captain. All captains are fully qualified, many are owner/operators of the yacht. They have made sailing a full time and permanent part of their lives.

Unlike a bareboat charter, where there is no captain or crew, captain-only charter yachts generally include their onboard water sports equipment which, depending on the yacht, may include kayak, standup paddleboard, wakeboard, waterskis, etc. Inquire for scuba diving.

Some yachts offer a Captain-Only "PLUS" option which, for a couple of hundred dollars more, may include fuel and water costs, plus cruising fees and taxes. Or, they may include a few meals.

Each boat is different so please inquire about the boats you are interested in.

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