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Thank you for your kind comments. We believe that you deserve the highest level of service we can provide. We want this to be your best vacation ever and look forward to your return. -- Bob & Sheila

You guys were great. We'll book through you again! I contacted several booking companies and all of them weren't interested in a short and inexpensive charter. You gave us 100% which means next year when we bring the parents and family for a long and more expensive charter we will give you the business.
-- Mark & Jessica, Utah

Oh, I look forward to doing a sailing vacation of our anniversary too. Thanks so much Sheila. You stood out above and beyond all the other brokers I communicated with.
-- Mark, Pennsylvania

Thank you very much for recommending Antillean. We are delighted! We feel fortunate to have found you and followed your recommendation.
-- AC, New York

The advice from yourselves was very helpful and accurate and enabled us to arrange the charter at short notice. Being able to ring you was really useful. You beat your competition because you responded quickly and I was able to talk to you and get started on the planning. The others took days longer to respond by e-mail. You provided your advice without too much push, leaving me to make the decisions and I appreciated that.
-- RM, Australia

This is the 4th time we have chartered with Paradise Connections and everything went smoothly. I would recommend you to anyone. I am sure we will be taking another sailing vacation sometime in the next 2 years.
-- A.H., Missouri

Hi Guys! Hard to believe it has been 2 months since our trip! We are all still telling friends what a total blast it was. A totally unique vacation experience! ... There are lots of choices available to be sure but we can't imagine having a better time! ... Thanks for all your help in planning the trip. The whole process was easy. All we had to do was show up at the marina and the rest was taken care of. How great! Thanks for everything!
-- S.W.

I would HIGHLY recommend going thru Paradise Connections for your charter. Bob and Sheila are so helpful with getting you set up with the right boat that fits YOUR needs. We have gone thru them the last 6 years, and we will continue to go thru them as long as we charter boats. They really keep you informed during the process of finding that right boat, helping with the right crew, making sure you know all the costs up front, places you want to go and making sure it’s YOUR dream vacation and they are very easy to work with. Even though I have never met them I consider them good friends.. You will love working with them… I have no doubt in my mind that you will have a great Charter and the best vacation ever. My level of service/satisfaction if I had to rate it is on a scale from 1-10 would be a 20!!!! Have fun.
-- D.K.

Dear Sheila & Bob, Paradise Connections was very professional throughout the process of booking our vacation. All of our questions were answered in a timely manner, and everything was handled professionally. I do thank you for your services. Paradise Connections is an upstanding company that instilled us with the confidence to pull the trigger on our dream vacation. The resulting vacation was fantastic.
-- P.P.

We as a group were very satisfied and impressed with the service you and Bob provided. You were timely with all correspondence and responsive to all our needs, right down to the trip cancellation insurance. The wives felt very comfortable with the contact information you provided - it was great. If we can save enough money to do this again, we would use no one else except you and Bob. You guys were GREAT! We would also use the Drumbeat crew and no one else!!
-- T.E., Liverpool, NY

... So all in all, a great trip - thanks for all your help Bob & Sheila, in finding us the right charter!
-- Ben and Laura

After-charter report from the Captain of s/v Saskianna: "When asked "So how do you guys know Bob & Shelia," they said they'd found you guys online but it was after they'd corresponded with several other brokers. They decided to book with you because they felt you had your fingers on the pulse, so to speak. They didn't elaborate on why they didn't use the brokers they contacted prior to you other than to say they didn't feel comfortable with them."
-- M.C., Ireland

Dear Sheila & Bob, ...Also, we would like to thank you for your services at Paradise Connections. We had contacted several charter companies, but you seemed genuinely interested in meeting our needs and communicating with us. We are so glad you did!
-- W.L., West Bloomfield, MI

Paradise Connections did a great job of matching us with a correctly-sized boat and working with our schedule. Bob and Sheila kept in touch regularly and patiently explained the charter process. Follow-up questions were promptly answered and they made sure we were well-informed.
-- J.B., Winterville, NC

Your services were great. Helping us find our yacht and finding a week they were available that fit our schedule was the best thing that ever happened! Also, your help with pre- and post- charter details such as taxis, hotels, etc. was excellent. Email communications were prompt and clear – you made it very efficient for me to organize the trip.
--W.K. San Diego, CA

Excellent in every way. Friendly and professional, providing a perfect match of boat, captain, and crew. Thanks for all of your help in making this unforgettable trip happen.
-- R.N. Charlottesville, VA

Thank you for your help setting up the vacation. We'll make sure to recommend you and use you for our next cruise.
-- C.M.

I would recommend Paradise Connections to anyone.
-- M.M., Locust Valley, NY

I was very impressed by the speed, personal touches, accuracy, and sincerity when communicating with Bob and Sheila of Paradise Connections. I felt like I was dealing with a most competent and trusted friend, yet we had never met.
-- J.E., Mantua, OH

It has been a real pleasure doing business with you. You made every step very easy and you were always there to provide the information I was looking for.
-- T.R., Dallax, TX

I want to thank you for working with me so closely to make this trip so special to us. You have been wonderful, and you may of course use us as a reference!
--J.T., Augusta, GA

How did you find the services offered by Paradise Connections? = Excellent. We did not have to worry about a thing.
-- E.F., Santa Barbara, CA

Response from questionnaire: Are there any further comments or suggestions you would like to make to enable Paradise Connections, the yacht, or crew to better serve you and other clients in the future? I personally feel there is not a need to and would not consider any other agency than Paradise Connections for a future booking. I felt the service was professional/prompt and I was likely a painful customer with too many questions; you definitely earned my future business.
-- C.B., Acton, MA

Bob and Sheila, Thanks for your help in chartering the Orion for our honeymoon. The experience was better than we imagined. You were helpful in making the arrangements and in working out the payment.... There is no end to the nice things I can say about our vacation on the Orion. I would recommend it to anyone for a honeymoon, or a romantic escape. Please feel free to use my comments in recommending the Orion and Paradise Connections to others.
-- E.S., Charlottesville, VA

Dear Sheila & Bob, ...Additionally, as I've mentioned before, Paradise Connections was not the only broker that we contacted when we were researching this vacation. Paradise Connections was the only broker (out of about four or five contacted) that knew the Virgin Islands, and the charter fleet first hand. This is an incredible advantage to anyone considering a charter, because Sheila & Bob know the crews, the yachts, and which charter boat to recommend based on the client's preferences. This knowledge coupled with their immediate follow-up and attention to detail simply means that there is not a reason to contact anyone else if you need information regarding a charter in the Virgin Islands. I wasted my time with other brokers that didn't know the area and weren't interested in providing the level of service that Paradise Connections provides, and I learned my lesson.
-- B.N., Richmond, VA

Bob and Sheila: You were a real pleasure to deal with. I make most of my decisions on things like this based on the kind of folks I am working with. I felt from the beginning that I was getting a straight story from you, and your follow-up was terrific. I'm sure I'll be working with you again next year. Maybe we'll do a couple of days if available so we can get out to the Baths... Thanks again for your "truth in advertising".
-- rca

Sheila, Your services were terrific. The video, pictures and close contact were all key to making this trip hassle free and go off without a hitch. We appreciated all the initial preparation you put into our vacation. If we decide on a future yacht trip we will keep you and Bob in mind.
-- The Greens

How did you find the services offered by Paradise Connections ? We were very pleased. Quick turn-around for questions. Friendly, courteous and patient throughout the process.
-- C.B

How did you find the services offered by Paradise Connections? Your services were great in that you let us deal directly with Liz regarding the details of the trip planning. Many travel agents won't permit such direct communications
-- The Millets

The services offered by Paradise Connections were excellent: very responsive from the beginning; helped us find the best boat for the best price, with the schedule flexibility that we required.
-- A.C., Dallas TX

By far this was one of the best vacations we ever went on. Paradise Connections has been great and very helpful throughout the whole process. I have forwarded your website to several people already who would love to go on a similar vacation experience. Hopefully we will be talking to you in the near future as we are definitely going on a sailing adventure again
-- The Newtons

How did you find the services offered by Paradise Connections ? My communication was mainly through email with Sheila and she was "way cool"! Helpful, informative, and always quick with her responses.
-- The Hastings

I don't know how well you know Pat and Julie, but they were a perfect match for us. You had the right boat and crew at the right time. The financial transaction was well handled and I had no difficulty on arrival.
-- W.S., Munich Germany

How did you find the services offered by Paradise Connections? Excellent - they introduced us to our new friends!
-- K.C., Dallas TX

You are outstanding! We never could have found the boat without your help.
-- P.D., Manahawkin NJ

You all were a pleasure to deal with, very helpful and informative.
-- M.C., Brandon MS

Your web page deserves much praise, since that is the first thing we saw when researching yacht charters. Then we looked at others' web pages and came back to yours. Also, Sheila was so quick to respond to my frequent questions; that was very much appreciated! We're very glad to have discovered the Delphina; we hope to visit her again! Yes, you certainly may use us as a reference.
-- S.D., Albuquerque NM

That trip was "off-the-charts" awesome. It had everything that we were looking for in a holiday. You guys were great to work with. Thanks a bunch!
-- J.F., Moraga CA

Your service was good, very easy and no problems. Thanks for your help. Everyone had a great time.
-- R.W., Denver CO

You did an excellent job of handling this for us and may use us as a reference. Your web site is superior to almost all that I have seen.
-- S.C., Serverna Park MD

Nothing beats seeing the Virgin Islands from aboard a beautiful sailing vessel. Please use us as a reference. We cannot say enough about the great quality of service we experienced from your company.
-- B.M., N. Myrtle Beach SC

By the way Bob, I mentioned to you in my first call that I had contacted other brokers, and I just wanted to let you know that none of them were nearly as responsive as you and Sheila have been. I'm in sales, and I know the value of taking care of current and potential customers and would like to thank you for your excellent service.
-- B.N., Richmond VA

Sheila and Bob, Thank you so much for you help. The boat looks so beautiful, I'm keeping a copy of the picture just to "dream". I sent an e-mail greeting directly to the birthday boy. Again, thanks for your extra effort on our behalf.
-- R.R., Los Angeles CA

We're still talking about how FABOO our last Virgin Island adventure was so it's time to plan something again this year only slightly different... I'm thinking of renting a Villa and having a yacht docked outside to be at our disposal... Working with you chartering the Falcon was such a pleasant, no worries, no problem experience I would love for you to assist us with the renting of the Villa.
-- B.E., Paradise Valley AZ

Thank you again for another beautifully arranged week of fun and God knows what.
-- B.E., Paradise Valley AZ

Paradise Connections was a good place to view the different yachts available and you were very helpful. We would definitely take another yacht vacation in the future.
-- S.C., Salisbury, NC

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