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Belize: North & Central Itinerary

7-Night Sample Itinerary

MAP of Belize

Discover uninhabited islands that dot the barrier reef, or visit fun islands with local beach bars. Shop at local markets and experience Belizean culture, dine on shore at one of the many authentic eateries and meet the locals on remote islands, or indulge in a luxurious spa day at one of the boutique retreats that dot the coast... you pick the pace.

Below are highlights of a sample North & Central itinerary:

Day 1: Drowned Cayes

The Drowned Cayes consist of mangrove channels and islands that are the breeding grounds to the aquatic marine life of Belize. Pods of dolphins and manatees reside here, along with vast birdlife including herons, egrets, the occasional spoonbill, pelicans, frigates, cormorants, and many more. Due to our sheltered anchorage and the many channels and inlets, this is a perfect location to venture out kayaking or paddle boarding, getting very up close and personal with nature's goings on. The vibrant contracts of green mangroves to azure waters make the sunset all the more breathtaking.

Day 2: Gallow's Reef & Caye Caulker

Sail to the sleepy island of Caye Caulker, fish along the way and enjoy a swim on arrival. "Noshirt, no shoes, no problem" is the motto of this island and typifies the vibe. The white sandy beaches, ocean breezes, fresh seafood, azure waters and a fantastic barrier reef on its doorstep make it a perfect place to relax and unwind. Before anchorage enjoy a snorkel along Gallow's Reef, or try your hand at some spear fishing for lobster or snapper with your captain and guide.

Day 3: Caye Caulker Marine Reserve & St George's Caye

Declared a marine reserve in 1998, Caye Caulker Marine is rich with sea life, including colorful sponges, blue-and-yellow queen angel fish, Christmas tree worms, star coral, redband parrotfish, yellow gorgonians, and more.

Sail to St George’s Caye, steeped in history it was the first capital of the British settlement in Belize. The island is principally home to private families, however it is possible to use this as a base for some great snorkeling or scuba diving, or walking the sandy shores.

Day 4: Colson Cayes

A magical location for nature's wonders, Colson Cayes is a collection of mangrove islands with a couple of small sandy inlets attracting manatees, dolphins and a wide array of birds. The ultimate draw of the location is the Colson Reef, which is a large patch reef in front of the Cayes where we can spend hours snorkeling. With a wonderful variety of corals, hard and soft, sea rods and fans,a nd vibrant red sponges, this is some of the healthiest reef seen in Belize due to its remote and untouched location.

Day 5: Tobacco Caye

As the sun comes up over the barrier reef you will be sailing south to Tobacco Caye. Tobacco Cayeis a 5-acre, palm-fringed coral island perched on the barrier reef which makes it a great place to snorkel or dive from the shore, plus its central location means it is within 10 minutes by boat to some of the best snorkel sites in all of Belize. There are a couple of small laid-back resorts and a tiny beach bar serving fresh coconut water and icy cold rum cocktails with hammocks to lounge in. 39 local islanders call this rock their home and it’s a great place to learn about their way of remote island life.

Day 6: Bluefield Range

Bluefield Range is a mangrove cluster teeming with wildlife which makes for a fantastic kayaking destination. Kayak through the tiny channels, look out for manatees and even take some bait and a fishing line to see if you can catch dinner.

Day 7: Goff's Caye & Bannister

Sail to Goff’s Caye – one of our favourite islands because it reminds us why postcards were invented. This 2-acre island sits right on the barrier reef so you can snorkel straight from the shore, or simply relax in the water on the sandbar with an icy cold Belikin beer. Sail up to Bannister Bogue, a mangrove collection of islands that are home to manatees, dolphins, multiple bird species and other marine life. Manatees, which are also known as "sea cows" are gentle, slow moving, plant-eating herbivores and their closest living relatives are elephants and aardvarks. They can grow over 13 feet in length and weigh up to 3,500 pounds. Despite being an endangered species, manatees are present in the waters of Belize and can be seen throughout the year. (Please note it is not possible to swim with theManatees and seeing them is not guaranteed).

Day 8: Return to the marina

Enjoy a leisurely sail back to the marina at Old Belize.

Itinerary Notes:

Please note that this sample sailing itinerary is subject to weather conditions, sailing conditions, guest preferences, and the captain's input. The itinerary is planned around an arrival time of noon. The itinerary will be subject to change for later arrivals.

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