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St Vincent and The Grenadines

7-Day Cruise

This is a 6-night / 7-day sample itinerary for St Vincent & The Grenadines. It can easily be extended to a full week, 10 nights, or longer.

Caribbean map of St Lucia - Grenadines

Comprised of 32 islands and cays, St Vincent and the Grenadines offers countless possibilities. From the lush tropical rainforest of St Vincent that are full of eco-adventures, to the idyllic beaches, coral reefs and turquoise lagoons of the Grenadines, SVG is a tropical paradise for sailing, scuba diving, enjoying nature, and relaxing in seclusion. Escape a hectic lifestyle and unwind aboard your crewed charter yacht.

Day 1: St Vincent to Mustique

St Vincent and Grenadines Sample Itinerary Day 1

We will meet you at the Blue Lagoon Marina on the southwest coast of St. Vincent. We will depart the island of Saint Vincent and set sail for Britannia Bay, Mustique. On the way we will pass the uninhabited islands of Battowia, Baliceaux, and The Pillories. Mustique is well known for its stately villas and famous inhabitants, but we will be in search of its beautiful beaches. We will anchor and walk to Lagoon Bay, known for its golden sand beach and fringed with palm trees. A must in Mustique is Firefly, a wonderful restaurant built in what used to be one of the great private villas of Mustique.

Day 2: Mayreau

St Vincent and Grenadines Sample Itinerary Day 2

Mayreau provides a step into the past. There are around 400 yards of paved road, half a dozen vehicles, no high-rises, no police, and the island has had electricity for less tha 25 years. The bay provides good snorkeling and the white sand beach is pristine. For a bit of exercise, we can follow the paved road from the dinghy dock and make the 25-minute walk to the "settlement". That is where 400 people, and about the same number of chickens, cows and goats live. For a bite to eat, or a frozen margarita, Dennis' Hideaway is a favorite.

Day 3: Tobago Cays

St Vincent and Grenadines Sample Itinerary Day 3

Snorkeling in the Tobago Cays is everywere. Known as the "Jewel in the Crown" of the southern Grenadines, Tobago Cays Marine Park comprises five uninhabited islands surrounded by a clear lagoon. Here you will find sea turtle nesting sites and feeding areas, small systems of mangroves, and the most well-developed coral reef systems in St. Vincent. Swim with the resident turtles, snorkel around the almost 2.5 mile long Horseshoe Reef, or simply relax on a magnificent white sand beach, each island has a least one.

Day 4: Union Island

St Vincent and Grenadines Sample Itinerary Day 4

The almost vertical mountains of Union Island are visible 40 miles away on a clear day. There is also Happy Island, not so visibly striking in height, but the labor of love of one man who was fed up selling pizzas on the mainland, so he built his own island from sand, conch shells, and palms. Today, he has a wind generator, solar panels, hammocks, Raggae music, and a well-stocked bar. There is the option to go ashore at the marina and rent bicycles, even exchange a good book. We will end the day at the majestic Chatham Bay, a local favorite.

Day 5: Canouan

St Vincent and Grenadines Sample Itinerary Day 5

There are two sides to Canouan, and we will explore them both. The first comprises the Sandy Lane Yacht Club with its marina that takes inspiration from Italian city of Portofino, beaches made with imported sand, an 18-hole golf course, exquisite restaurants, as well as a world-class marina built to house the world's super yachts. The northern side of island boasts a lagoon and opportunities for snorkeling, beautiful beaches, and a visit to the small sleepy village with fun local shops.

Day 6: Bequia

St Vincent and Grenadines Sample Itinerary Day 6

Bequia has long stretches of beachfront that are perfect for exploring. Restaurants and cafes dot Admiralty Bay and provide a taste of the local fare. Bequia is an ideal island to explore on foot. There are several hikes to choose from, all revealing breathtaking views, charming homes, and friendly locals. We can also just relax on the beach or discover Bequia's beautiful snorkeling spots and colorful fish. The sunset from the bay in the evening is sure to be stunning.

Day 7: St Vincent

St Vincent and Grenadines Sample Itinerary Day 7

This morning we will prepare a hearty brunch and then sail back to the Blue Lagoon Marina where we must bid you farewell... until we meet again.

Remember, there are many variations to this sample itinerary. Your charter will be customized to fulfill the dreams of your charter party. That's the beauty of a crewed charter yacht sailing vacation.

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