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Covid-19 Information for the Virgin Islands and other Caribbean sailing locations

At Paradise Connection Yacht Charters, our clients' best interests are always our top priority. An all-inclusive, crewed yacht charter is the ideal vacation for the "new world" of travel which we are all now facing.

Relax on your private yacht with family or close friends. Enjoy exploring the islands; each day in a new location with wonderful adventures to experience. This is your charter and you choose your itinerary and activities.

United States Virgin Islands

The US Virgin Islands re-opened their borders to leisure tourists on September 19, 2020. Read more about the USVI's covid protocols.

British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands plans to reopen to international tourists on December 1, 2020. They have not yet provided details but as soon as we learn what's up we will inform you. Currently we are recommending clients to book a yacht with an American crew so you can charter exclusively within the USVIs in case BVI protocols and/or borders prove difficult. Read more about the BVI's covid protocols.


The Bahamas currently welcomes international travelers and we've heard news that the islands will be relaxing their restrictions further beginning October 15, 2020. Read more about the Bahamas' covid protocols.


The Belize International Airport (BZE) re-opened October 1, 2020 and international travelers can now visit Belize by staying in an approved Gold Standard hotel and provide proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test. We have requested more information concerning charter yachts and will share this information as soon as we have a reply from the Belize Tourism Board. Read more about Belize's covid protocols.

Charter Yacht Cleanliness — Best Practices

Learn about recommended practices for charter yachts to keep safe and prevent the spread of covid-19. These practices are recommended by Virgin Islands Professional Charter Association (VIPCA) in compliance with suggestions released by the Center of Disease Control, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the American Cleaning Institution, and the World Health Organization. By creating a standard of expected cleanliness, the charter industry can give guests peace of mind regarding preventive measures taken to protect the heath of themselves and their crew. Read more about Charter Yacht covid-19 standards and protocols,

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